Your important information, which is difficult to keep with just your password. Protects against replication.

Copy Protection

Smart Copyblock Enterprise

100 - contents on
USB / SD Card / External Hard Drives,
saving and
distributing solution

How to use a copy
  • Content can be valid from 1 month to infinity.
    You can set it yourself. * You can set it for 1 to 998 months. 999 months are available to the unlimited.
  • Ideal for individuals or organizations.
  • You can buy it by searching in Auction.
  • Applicable files
    • FFMpeg libarary supported files in a PC environment
    • However, EXE files not supported by smart phone
    • Games, software, videos, audio files, picture files, PDF files, Excel files, PPT files, document files, apk files
    Application environment

    Windows7, Windows8, Windows8.1 Windows10, android, ios, Mac

    Smart TV

    Android, Tizen

  • You must contact us to purchase USBSD CardExternal Hard Drives. * USB/SD Card/External hard drives on the market may not be eligible for replication protection.

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