Your important information, which is difficult to keep with just your password. Protects against replication.

Copy Protection

Product features

Applicable Media

Content copy protection technology for USB, SD card, and external hard storage media

  • USB

  • SD Card

  • External Hard Disk

  • Contents.key

    Check the key value to decode the contents password.

  • Storage.key

    Check the storage medium and content source

  • A play key

    If the dedicated player is the source by comparing contents.key with the storage.key,
    it will play on the smartphone, etc. CBPlayer.exe exits if it is a copy

  • Double triple cross checking for complete content security.

    • In particular, CB Player is an optimized player for large video media.
    • Even the largest image file can play in 0.1 seconds.
    • Disables the image recording function.
  • You can set the expiration date of the content.

    Applicable files
    • FFMpeg library supported files in a PC environment.
    • However, EXE files are not supported by smart phone.
    • Games, software, videos, audio files, picture files, PDF files, Excel files, PPT files, document file (apk) files
  • Blocking screen capture, saving difference names, and printing with dedicated viewers such as Word, Excel, ppt (pptx), pdf, jpg (png), and CAD

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