Your important information, which is difficult to keep with just your password.
Protects against replication.

  • Prevent Movie File Replication

  • Prevent Music File Replication

  • Prevent Capture Important Documents

  • Prevents leakage of corporate information

  • Prevent personal information leakage


Data stored in Copy Block folder is available.Protects against unauthorized replication,
such as copying, printing, file attachments, capturing, and saving other names.

  • Copy protection

  • Print protection

  • File Attachment Protection

  • Capture Protection

  • Prevent Save Other Names


USB memory-based content(files) protected from replication
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Enhanced features help prevent valuable file leakage
Enterprise Premium

How to use

How to use
Smart Copy Blocks enable you to create your own anti-replication ussdsdarext hard drives using CBCrypto.exe rock tools and CBPlayer.exe to play encrypted files. Refer to the production manual for instructions on how to make it.

CUSTOMER It specializes in software piracy solutions, focusing on the software piracy prevention industry.

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