Your important information, which is difficult to keep with just your password. Protects against replication.




Activate CBCrypto Program

  • 01-1. Check the two files below.
  • 01-2. Run ‘CBCrypto.exe’

    The screen on the left is shown.

  • 01-3. Open the ‘Serial.txt’ file and enter the key value.
  • 01-4. Click the ‘Authenticate’ button to activate the program.


Preparing an encryption file

  • 02-1. Prepare the encryption target file as shown below.
  • 02-2. Specify ‘Directory to be encrypted’

    Click iconSpecify the pathClick ‘OK’ button


Set validation period

  • 03-1. Enter a valid period in the ‘Validate Date’ box.

    No limit for 1 to 998 months / 999 months


Specify a newly created folder

  • 04-1. Specify ‘Output directory’

    Click iconSpecify the pathClick ‘OK’ button



  • 05-1. Click the ‘Encrypt’ button to perform encryption

    Click the OK button when the ‘Completed’ screen appears.

    The following files are created in the Output directory folder :


Copy files to USB/SD

  • Encrypted data can be transferredPut it in USBSD.
  • And other necessary files.Copy to USBSD CardExternal Hard
  • If you have a mass deployment plan,Copy to USB Duplicator as below


USB/SD Publish

  • 07-1. Select the ‘contents.key’ file on the USB/SD

    Click iconSelect fileOpen

  • 07-2. Select USBSD and click the ‘Publish’ button
  • 07-3. Replace USBSD copied to USB Duplicator and perform Publish repeatedly by repeating the ‘Refresh’, ‘Publish’ button.

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