Your important information, which is difficult to keep with just your password. Protects against replication.


Company profile

Safe-Rom was founded in May 2003.
The company is working on its software development to prevent illegal copy.
It specializes in software piracy prevention solutions globally.

Korea's highest level of USB / SD card / External hard drive piracy technology
Development and Application of Smart Copyblock Solution

In the face of the knowledge-based society, the importance of the software industry is increasing, and the government has designated it as a core national strategic industry in consideration of potential growth. However, despite various related laws and regulations, illegal copying and hacking are not eradicated and the damage is rapidly increasing, hampering the development of our IT industry and causing inconvenience in living.

The fact that illegal copying accounts for 48 % of total domestic soft industry sales is the biggest obstacle to the development and growth of the Korean software industry, especially with the prevalence of devices such as CD-RW, USB, and external hard drives, creating a serious social problem.To provide a more fundamental protection to the domestic software industry, we developed and implemented the Safety-Rom Technology, which is the highest level in Korea, in 2003. In addition, we successfully demonstrated the integrity and stability of our CD piracy prevention technology by advancing into the education Title and business software protection markets.
To more fundamentally protect this domestic software industry, we developed and implemented the nation's best CD illegal replication technology "Safe-Rom Solution" in 2003 and successfully demonstrated the perfection and stability of CD illegal replication prevention technology by entering the education Title and Business Software Protection markets.
This practical verification has increased software production and sales for related companies by applying them to educational software titles such as Samsung Electronics, Samsung Card, STX Shipbuilding, Korean Air, Hyundai Steel, Lotte Group and Kia Motors, and many of the previous titles have also induced the use of the original products, proving the economics and completeness of blocking of CD, DVD and BD piracy in the retail market and solidifying their position as market leader in the media protection market.

By partnering with specialty companies such as the JMI , and Elsa Korea, we developed a series of manufacturing distribution systems such as packages, CDs, DVDs, and BD Protection System to maximize domestic soft industry development and user convenience through timely cost reduction and delivery. Through continuous research and development, we have completed the development of the Safety-Rom Solution Type I already implemented, Safe-Rom Solution Type II, and are providing BD Protection System for future markets. We are continuously investing in new security series development.

Safety-Rom Burning Tool, which was developed in August 2009, has rapidly emerged as a popular product at home and abroad by expanding the distribution system so that individuals or groups can produce the protective title directly by purchasing CD-key on a 100-by-100 basis, enabling individuals or organizations to purchase the title in small amount starting from the first half of 2012.
Built to complete the modern challenges of computer security and intellectual property protection, the Jamul Tong controls the leakage of data from any Windows environment, including PCs, USB, external hard drives, laptops, and tablet PCs, and provides a more secure content security solution with encryption. After using the free test for an initial period, we provide one month, three months, one year, three years, and five years as the period of use.

I will do my best under the corporate principle of being the cornerstone of the growth of the domestic computer security sector.
In return for your interest and encouragement, we promise to become the world's leading IT culture leader with our continued efforts and research and development.

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